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Castlebrook Developments carry out a wide range of construction activities, and recognise that the protection of the environment is an integral part of its business.   The company endeavours to undertake works in an environmentally responsible manner.


Castlebrook Developments will comply with legislation, customer and other requirements that apply to its activities.   The company is committed to preventing pollution and aims to minimise the environmental impact of its activities by:


*         Working closely with stakeholders, including clients, sub-contractors, statutory authorities and local communities


*         Minimising noise


*         Preventing pollution of water, land and air


*         Minimising waste and reusing or recycling materials


*         Disposing of waste responsibly


*         Protecting wildlife and habitats


The company will endeavor to continually improve environmental performance, including encouraging and recognising contributions from employees.   The company will check compliance with environmental requirements and review performance regularly.




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