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DDA Adaptations


From 1 October 2004, Part 3 of the DDA 1995 has required businesses and other organisations to take reasonable steps to tackle physical features that act as a barrier to disabled people who want to access their buildings.

This means that they are required to remove, alter or provide a reasonable means of avoiding physical features of a building which make access impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled people. Examples include; putting in a ramp to replace steps, providing larger, well defined signs for people with a visual impairment and improving access to toilet or washing facilities.

Businesses and organisations are called 'service providers' and include shops, restaurants, leisure centres and places of worship.

Buisness that do not address the issue risk prosecution


Castlebrook Developments work with commercial clients to ensure that they comply with the requirements. Please contact us to arrange for an initial audit and provide detailed estimates for any works which may be required.




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