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Castlebrook Developments consultancy skills can ensure that a project is delivered most cost effectively by getting it right first time.  Prior to the design stage many areas need to be considered and some clients need assistance with understanding the issues and realising the benefits from a value engineering process.


Castlebrook Developments staff will work in partnership with a client to ensure that all issues are considered in areas such as:


·         Space Planning

·         Workplace (Health Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992

·         Health & Safety Matters


·         Disability Discrimination Act 2004 and its forthcoming implications on employees and their buildings


·         Building Regulation Matters

·         Contract Costs, Contractual Procedures and Procurement Methods

·         All matters in relation to interior fitting out including electrical and HVAC.

·         Building Surveys (Destructive and Non Destructive)


We pride ourselves on ensuring the client receives sufficient advice to enable them to make informed decisions on the way forward.  The process does not stop at the design stage, the client is involved in the value engineering process at the manufacturing facility as the project, and the manufactured product, reaches the setting out stage.


Clients have found that by using Castlebrook Developments experience and skill they have not only complied with the legislative requirements, but have saved money by detailed evaluations of their projects.



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